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Bts song inspirited dating bts fake texts bts gang au idk if this is even an au but well have some bts bad boys. Bts reaction to seeing a beautiful foreign girl a/n: okay, so this is the first reaction that i will be doing and i’m not sure if it’s going to be. I hope you all enjoy this scenario blog for our favorite boys of bts :d ohgawditskpoptumblrcom masterlist here is the masterlist page so far :d. Find out which bts member is your soul mate you might need to change your bias after you do this quiz.

Bts do not have personal what are each of the official instagram accounts of bts do you think some of bts (bangtan boys) members are dating someone out. Exo masterlist dating byun baekhyun would include dating park chanyeol would include dating kim jongdae (ot9), bts, got7, shinee, vixx. Jungkook as a husband & father // request: jeon jungkook as husband & father please thank you so so much 😚 ayeeee the kim namjoon as husband and father was so cute i can’t even 😍 can you please do a. Bts dating game (rpg) you soon became friends with his friends and they were called bts you were a popular girl in school, well,.

Bts | mafiaau you get hurt anonymous said: bts mafia reaction to you getting hurt jin: “i’m glad you’re okay for the most partbut i would love for you to try and explain to me exactly why you. Oracleyoongi’s masterlist (bts) “guide romance: humour: 😂 angst: ☢ triggering themes: ☁ fluff: ☼ smut: au: 👽 ” “about oracleyoongi’s writing - changes up requests all the time, sorry not. Anonymous said: can you do a bts reaction to their kids asking for another baby sibling answer: of course i can.

Bts - rap monster 411k likes official member of bts jump to sections of this page ©dlazarutumblr see all posts bts - rap monster. Bts' jimin posts up selfie with his 'girlfriend' it certainly appears that this selfie was taken during the filming of bts' hilarious classroom sketch on their. Anonymous said: dating taehyung/v bts:) answer: dating taehyung/v: • always holding your hand • wrapping his arms around you • lots of back hugs • piggy-back rides • light little kisses all the. Dating ot7 (bts) request alkhdmdujw i loveeee your guy’s works sm i adore all the polybts,,, could you do one for ot7 x reader if you don’t do ot7 i understand. Having a crush on a chinese actress that luhan is close to and thinking that they’re dating only to find out that they’re just friends bts reactions - you.

Otp prompts submissions are one day, b’s editor had met a’s editor, and the two editors are dating theme by roxiestheme • powered by tumblr. We love writing ships, scenarios, & gif reactions for the boys of bts please read our guidelines before requesting open: scenarios & gif reactions. Anonymous said: the odds of kookie (or any of the boys) dating an american girl answer: hi it’s like 00001% i’m joking, for any of the boys or any idol to date a girl, he has to be attracted to. Bts reaction - their gf telling them their hair looks sexy pushed back - thanks for your request and here you go i hope love this.

Some netizens are trying to link twice nayeon's past comments as proof that she is dating a bts memberthe dating rumors sparked after nayeo. Suga’s girlfriend gets paired up with another idol to do a sexy concept like trouble maker a/n: bts-reacts posted this. Bts scenario masterlist updated 170807 boyfriendbts what dating seokjin would be like what dating yoongi would be like what dating hoseok would be like.

The latest tweets from bangtan translations (@bts_trans) translation and subbing team dedicated to bts bts-transtumblrcom. Bts reactions ☆ more welcome dating bts - masterlist~ since we have completed this series (finally) we made this post to combine all of the links to them. ‣ bts disapproves of you dating nct dream’s jeno ‣ bts comforts you after your boyfriend cheated on you ‣ too hot to cuddle with bts. Bts reaction - you still running a bts reaction tumblr account and you still make them while you’re dating - thanks for the request i hope you like it.

Dating bts tumblr
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